Foggy Forest

MY Mission

With 30+ yrs of dealing with every stressful life event imaginable, I learnt the skills and techniques to master my mindset, attitude, behaviours and habits to overcome any situation life wants to throw at me.  I have looked depression and suicide in the face head on and overcome this battle to now life a enriching, fulfilling, meaningful and happy life, without the aid of medication or therapists. 


There's no denying life can be hard and there will always be a hurdle to overcome.  But the secret is in knowing how to handle it, without getting knocked down and staying down. 


My mission is to minimise the suicide rates, lower the mental health statistics and improve the overall general health and wellbeing of people by positively transforming their lives.


So, allow me to impart my knowledge and provide you with the skills and techniques you need to face the challenges and hurdles of life head on.  It would truly be my honour to help you find your inner strength, build resilience, master life and be able to look life in the face and say "BRING IT ON!"



Mastermind Professional

  • To help people understand that it is essential to be true to themselves, so they can be true to others. 

  • To ensure that we are always doing the right thing at all times and each person maintains their own personal high standards.

  • To continually strive to improve everyone’s quality of life through tools and support services that can be easily accessed. 


  • Diploma of Project Management

  • Diploma of Management

  • Diploma of Business

  • Diploma of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 

  • Working with Children Blue Card (Qld) 

  • Working with Children and Vulnerable People (Tas)


  • State Emergency Services (Qld) – Volunteer Field Officer 

  • Salvation Army Christmas Hamper Appeal – Volunteer Assistant

  • Raise Foundation – Volunteer Mentor (High School Students & Young Mums) 

  • Crimestoppers – Volunteer Beach and Street Patrol (Schoolies) 

  • Ronald McDonald House – Volunteer Shift Manager 

  • St John Ambulance – Volunteer First Aid Officer


Angela mentors & influences in such a supportive manner, always staying true to herself ethically & morally.  For me personally, she is one the most inspiring professionals I have ever had the pleasure to work for & alongside.

Michelle - Queensland

Inspiring leader, who is professional and leads by example and one who can communicate on all levels to achieve favorable outcomes.

Greg - South Australia

Angela has a values set that is based on care and compassion. She has thought deeply about how she shows up in situations based on her life experiences and always presents a balanced, calm and considered point of view. She is supportive and looks to build relationships that enable the achievement of outcomes. She shows personal courage and this is an attribute that she constantly demonstrates through her leadership.

Jamie - Queensland

Angela's extremely positive nature is her biggest asset. It's infectious, it's heartwarming, it's open and honest. It allows people to feel they can approach her, that they can be vulnerable, can ask for her advice, to feel that no question is 'too silly'. Angela does not appear to have any level of ego - she is who she is and there is rarely any need to question her intent - it always comes from a good place.

Annabelle - Tasmania